Masters of the Universe Revelation Restart Date, New Figures Revealed

After ending part one on a brutal cliffhanger with no return date in sight, Netflix will finally end the suspense next month. The Masters of the Universe Revelation restart date stands revealed as Nov. 23rd, just in time for fans to give thanks. When last we left Kevin Smith’s revamped future Eternia, Skeletor had the power sword and became Skelegod. Adam returned from the dead with some help from his friends, only to be stabbed again. Can he possibly rise once more to save the day?

Check out the new poster below for a strong hint:

And if you want some possible SPOILERS, a newly revealed deluxe figure set has them. The latest oversized set packs in a character called Savage He-Man with Orko. And while longtime fans may think they know who Savage He-Man is, Smith and his team changed some things up this time.

In the original Masters toy line prior to any cartoons, Savage He-Man was simply the early version of He-Man. Prior to Prince Adam being a thing, he was a barbarian who walked out of the jungle. Given powerful weapons and armor by the Goddess (a green-skinned Teela), he became the champion of Eternia, against the extra-dimensional demon Skeletor.

After the Filmation and 2002 cartoons retconned that version of the story out of existence, the character returned as Oo-Larr. This barbarian character, like similar He-Man prototypes Vikor, Wun-Dar, and Vykron, was re-styled as a past guardian of the power sword who never actually used its power to the full. Some of those appeared in the Preternia afterlife in Revelation part one. But this version isn’t that either.

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Directly from Mattel’s PJ Lewis, here’s the deal. And seriously, SPOILER warning!

“With the full Power of Grayskull unleashed inside him, Adam gains a combination of primal rage and all of the power in the universe – the raw fury, the brutal strength, and the unbridled speed of ten He-Men! But without the Sword of Power to temper these mighty forces, Savage He-Man is all strength with no intellect to control it. The barbarian version of our hero leaves his friends wondering if Adam is truly present within the transformed beast, as he tears through Eternia in an uncontrolled frenzy. Luckily, Adam at his core possesses innate compassion, humility, goodness that rivals the Power of Grayskull itself. Only the Prince of Eternia could wield such Power and be both willing and able to relinquish it once the battle is won.”

The new figure set should hit retail early next year, after fans have had the chance to see the character in action. The Masters of the Universe Revelation restart date will conclude the current storyline in five more episodes.

Take a look at the full gallery of Savage He-Man and Orko below. Will they join your collection? Let us know in comments.

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