Masters of the Universe Spring 2022 Toy Reveals From Power-Con

It’s been a couple weeks since the He-Man and She-Ra fan convention Power-Con. but for those not quick on the draw enough to have watched the Masters of the Universe Mattel toy panel live on Zoom, Mattel finally made it available online today. And for those who don’t have time to watch the whole thing, we’ve collected some of the new images revealed from next year’s product line for Masters of the Universe Spring 2022.

Quelling rumors that Mattel may lose the license in 2023, the Mattel team also emphasized that Origins, the line reproducing vintage figures but with more articulation, will remain robust. Joining the brand in 2022 will be the robotic horse Stridor; O.G. characters Buzz-Off, Jitsu, Clawful, and Sorceress; as well as never-made-in-vintage Anti-Eternia He-Man and minicomic Trap-Jaw. Deluxe versions of Flying Fists He-Man and Terror Claws Skeletor will include the arm-swinging feature and vac-metal armor.

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For serious collectors, Origins will also release some limited characters on Mattel Creations, including Wun-Dar, and the never-before-made Kol-Darr from the ’80s cartoon. And we’ve already documented the debut of Sun-Man. But he and his fellow Warriors of the Sun and foe Pig-Head will join the Origins line at retail too.

The Masterverse line will expand in a big way to encompass at least four sub-lines. The ongoing Revelation figures will continue, along with collector-focused figures from the new Netflix CG cartoon (which will also get a kid-focused line). Then there’ll be a new Princess of Power line as well, using the vintage toy logo rather than the recent Netflix show. And finally, New Eternia, a line of figures inspired by concept art, which should spawn a larger story in some form (Comics? Games? Cartoons?) down the line.

Revelation will add figures of Fisto, Scareglow (glowing skull), Andra, Stinkor (no smell, alas), Mer-Man, and classic Teela. Deluxe figures include King Grayskull  (Target exclusive), and two-in-one versions of Tri-Klops and Trap-Jaw that can switch from classic costumes to techno-cult gear. At least one deluxe figure Mattel cannot reveal yet should also arrive at the same time.

Watch the entire panel in the player below, or check out the product images in our gallery below that:

Which of these toys will you try to find at retail? Let us know in comments.

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