Preorders for Mondo Masters of the Universe Hordak Variant at Power-Con

The ruthless leader of the Evil Horde will get a makeover, for those lucky enough to capture him. And it’ll take all the power and honor of Grayskull…in the form of a ticket to Power-Con this weekend at the Anaheim Hilton in California. The original 1/6 scale Hordak figures sold out in minutes from Mondo, though some other sites, like our partners at Entertainment Earth, still have him. (Superhero Hype earns fees based on any sales through EE site links.) But for those who brave the good journey, a newer version in TV cartoon-inspired colors can come home. With blue skin and a face more in the Filmation style from the She-Ra cartoons, this Hordak variant also comes with an articulated Imp, in animated style.

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And unlike the cartoon version, he retains his cape. Capes just tend to challenge animators a little more, especially the kind who have to reuse and flip existing cels the way Filmation did. So no cape made Hordak easier to draw over and over. But on toys, it just looks cooler. So he got it back. The Horde’s leader also includes his bone crossbow, staff, and swap-out cannon hand.

Hordak variant preorders will run $250, and in the unlikely event they do not pre-sell out at Power-Con, remaining numbers go online Tuesday, Sept 14. Take a look through the gallery below for more images.

Will the cartoon colors prove more to your liking? Who plans on hoarding the Hordesman? Let us know in comments.

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