Teela Joins Mondo’s Masters of the Universe Roster

Recent Masters of the Universe continuity has been pretty good to Teela. She brought Adam back from the afterlife, became the new Sorceress of Grayskull, tripled her power by embracing the magic of serpent, lion, and falcon, and finally hooked up with He-Man after letting him move in with her. It’s only just and right that she finally join Mondo’s Masters of the Universe 1:6 scale figure line as the second female character after She-Ra (unless we count the Dree-Elle who comes with Orko).

Great Snakes!

Teela goes up for sale in a timed edition starting today, April 2nd, at noon central time, lasting through April 12th at noon. Get your preorders in during that window, because future releases, if any, will have far less stuff included. She’ll run you $250.

This Teela includes a sword belt with scabbard, short sword, spear, staff of Ka, shield, multiple hands, and her trademark snake-head armor. Multiple heads include a serious one, an angry one, and a happy 2002-style head with ponytail and anime-esque hair. Teela’s outfit also features soft faux-fur at her shoulders and boot tops.

According to sculptor Tommy Hodges, “She walks a fine line of being graceful, yet also able to kick through a castle door if needed! (Quite different from sculpting the magically powered She-Ra.) . . . She is confident, strong and beautiful all at once. It was tough finding the right look. Thankfully I had great input from the team to get her sculpt to where she is today.” In addition to Hodges, the team on Teela includes Emiliano Santalucia (Concept Design), Mark Bristow (Paint), Hector Arce (Art Direction), Florian Bertmer (Packaging Art), Jordan Christianson (Packaging Design),  and Raúl Barrero (Photography).

Check out all their work in harmony in the official images below. And if Mondo works anything like Mattel, this body could easily be reused for a future Evil-Lyn, probably sooner than later.