Disney Reveals New Cast Member Costumes For Marvel’s Avengers Campus

Next month, Disneyland’s California Adventure will finally open the doors to Marvel’s Avengers Campus. Like other themed lands at Disney’s amusement parks, the new area aims to make visitors feel like they’ve just stepped into another world. And what better way to make the experience more immersive than by having its cast members dress the part? Earlier today, Marvel revealed several new looks at what the park’s cast members will be wearing in just a few short weeks.

Avengers Campus is made up of several attractions, each of which features its own set of cast members. All of these performers will don outfits specific to different heroes who call the Marvel Universe their home. In the case of the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB), which houses Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, the cast members will sport red and blue clothing in honor of the ride’s namesake. Their “costumes” will also feature tech-themed patterns, and their hats and shirts will be emblazoned with the official WEB logo.

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Similarly, fans who visit the Doctor Strange-inspired Ancient Sanctum will find acolytes of the Sorcerer Supreme. With performers dressed in robes, visitors will feel like they’re sitting in on a training session at Kamar-Taj as they watch the Journey Into the Mystic Arts stage show, which has previously been a staple of Disney’s cruise line. Plus, the cast members working the park’s various eateries will be in character as well. Fans can expect even more colorful outfits at the Pym Test Kitchen, Terran Treats, and the Shawarma Palace.

Avengers Campus will be open to the public starting on June 4.

You can view images of the cast members’ costumes in the gallery below. Which of the park’s attractions are you most excited to check out? Let us know in the comment section!

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