Mattel Now Has a $400 Grogu Plush That You Can Preorder

We knew there was a bounty on his head, but $400 feels like a lot of beskar. And he’s only available for one week (less, by the time you read this). The Mandalorian The Child Collector Edition Plush, from Mattel Creations, feels like the company’s attempt to enter HasLab territory. But where HasLab mostly adds super-sized items to existing toy lines, this Grogu plush exploits the small part of a lucrative license that Mattel has access to.

So what’s so special about this plush? For starters, he’s 12 inches, close to 1:1 scale. Though his body is soft, he comes with a sculpted head, and screen-accurate robes. But the big deal is the Hover Pram. Perched on a clear stand that can go low to the ground or rise up as much as three-and-a-half feet, it also features motorized opening and closing. Perhaps Mattel counts on the fact that the Hover Pram also works in scale with other high-end Grogu figures, like Sideshow’s prop replica or Hot Toys’ 1:1 action figure. As to why it’s a plush with a plastic head — that’s the type of toy Mattel has the rights to make of this character. They can’t do action figures or prop replicas.

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Preorders for this premium Grogu plush close Friday morning, which doesn’t give potential buyers long to make a decision. Maybe the images in the gallery below will help.

Will your dedication to “Baby Yoda” be worth a $400 plush? Let us know in comments.

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