Frodo and Nazgul Lord of the Rings Figures Coming in 2021

No toy line based on The Lord of the Rings movies will ever likely have the depth and breadth of Toy Biz’s comprehensive collection at the time the trilogy first came out. But Diamond Select is bringing back the key characters in a new 7-inch scale, two at a time. They began with frenemies Legolas and Gimli, and now the next two are set for spring 2021. There’s no “fren” this time around; just flat-out enemies. Frodo comes ready to bear the One Ring, while the Nazgul Ringwraith looks to track him down and take it back.

Both action figures include parts of the dark lord Sauron, who requires purchase of all six figures to assemble. That’s one way to balance out the fact that a four-inch character like Frodo and a seven-incher like the Nazgul cost about the same price, $25-$30. When fully assembled, Sauron stands 13 inches tall. His final parts will come with Strider/Aragorn and a Moria Orc, tentatively due later in 2021.

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With Diamond also recently adding Star Wars to the mix, they now hold some powerhouse trilogy rights. Can they keep both going as long as Marvel, or could they be one and done? Sales, presumably, will tell the tale.

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