Lord of the Rings Action Figures Return, via Diamond Select

Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth has seen its fair share of action figures over the years, but most of them came from companies like Toy Biz that no longer exist. And with a new TV series on the horizon, the property feels likely to become fresh again very soon. Because toys in general are more expensive now than in the early aughts, we may never see quite as extensive a line as for the original movie trilogy again. However, one that sees key characters updated to modern levels of sculpting and articulation, complete with digital likenesses will be most welcome. It’s time to see Lord of the Rings action figures return.

As is typical for Diamond Select figures, the Lord of the Rings line will feature 7-inch humans and Elves, with other characters scaled appropriately. Expect at least three sets of two; collect all six to build a 13-inch Sauron. (At this time it’s unknown if cheaper versions without the Sauron parts will be sold at Walgreens.) The Sauron versions, however, retail for the usual $24.99. And the first two are now up for preorder online at most retailers, for an expected September release.

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The series kicks off with archrivals-turned-pals Legolas and Gimli. The next couple of sets feature iconic heroes versus army-building villains: Aragorn, Frodo, Nazgul, and Orc. Not necessarily in that order. Might take a while to build the full Fellowship, but we’d imagine there’ll be a Gollum in there eventually if the line succeeds.

Since an entire generation of toy collectors sprung up since the movies originally came out, it’ll be the very first LOTR for many. Will you be among them? Let us know in comments.