Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Figure Accessory Pack Is NECA Online Exclusive

Real turtles know how to accessorize. But teenagers need a little help sometimes. That’s why NECA’s here with an assist. Starting Friday, they’ll start an exclusive online preorder for a special, extra-large accessory pack to enhance everyone’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie figure collection. While they’ve been using the NECA online store recently for restocks of hard-to-find store exclusives, this set won’t show up in any other store, legally. And it’s a must-have for anyone who creates their own dioramas.

The contents here are a mix of downsized items from the quarter-scale line like the baby turtles, reused exclusives like the pizza box, redecoed items from other lines (the Nightmare on Elm Street/They Live TV, Nightmare street sign, and Marty McFly skateboard), and new stuff like an officially licensed can of Turtle Wax. Plus some brand new heads with alternate facial expressions and straight bandana ties. For fans who didn’t already know, the likeness of Judith Hoag’s April O’Neil on the TV set is also a pretty big hint that the company scored her toy rights.

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Preorders begin Friday, for $50 plus shipping and tax. NECA is also teasing the reveal of another store-exclusive item tomorrow that will be available then too.

Will you accessorize your turtle figures? Let us know in comments!

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