NECA Adopts Preorder System for Exclusive TMNT Tokka and Rahzar Figures

The NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figure line has been both blessing and curse for collectors. Blessing, in that the figures look amazing. Curse, in that everybody knows it, making them super popular and hard to find. Recent exclusive sets made for Walmart and Target proved near impossible for fans to get. For a mere handful of seconds they briefly came online, only to disappear, many to scalper-bots. NECA promise more, and extras still trickle into stores. However, completist collectors look at all the marked-up sets on ebay and despair. But the company has heard everyone’s pleas. As such, the next set intended for Walmart, The Secret of the Ooze monsters Tokka and Rahzar, will now be an online exclusive preorder.

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For one week, between July 31 and Aug 7, anyone who wants can put in an order for up to two sets of this dastardly pair. Customers from the U.S. and 20 other countries can do it at They’re larger and more limited than the normal $25 figures, so the cost runs $70 plus shipping. However, they will not go on sale anywhere else except secondhand, and should ship by November, a super-fast turnaround for preorders.

Using this new system, everyone who wants Tokka and Rahzar should get one — or two. Depending how much success NECA has with the system, they’re considering using it again in the future for larger items that could never fit store shelves. Want a sewer playset, or Party Wagon? Like the big-ticket HasLab toys, anything’s possible if the support and fan dollars come through.

Will Tokka and Rahzar come home with you? Let us know in comments.

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