Hot Toys Gives Boba Fett a Vintage Kenner-Style Makeover

Hot Toys Gives Boba Fett a Vintage-Style Makeover

It’s May the 4th, and in keeping with now-annual tradition, we expect Star Wars-related announcements and promotions galore. Hot Toys just couldn’t wait to kick things off at midnight, announcing a Boba Fett with an all-new “old” color scheme. Their 12-inch, movie-accurate sculpting and costuming now sports the colors of the original action figure from Kenner back in 1980. Not only that, but he comes in an Empire Strikes Back anniversary box which pays tribute to the original Kenner 12-inch figures from over four decades ago.

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A lot of Boba Fett’s appeal and initial status as a cult character derived from that original toy. Solicited as a mail-order figure before anyone had seen The Empire Strikes Back, he kept people guessing what role he’d play. Then there was the mystery of the rocket on his back. Was it a missile, or a jetpack? Eventually we learned the missile should have fired, but a choking incident with an unrelated toy persuaded Kenner to glue it in place. Later, Return of the Jedi further revealed it was a jetpack. Only Attack of the Clones, many years later, demonstrated the missile-firing as officially canonical. In keeping with the original figure, this Hot Toys version does not fire.

He does, however, include “meticulous paint applications on the detailed Mandalorian helmet and armor, finely tailored under-suit, blaster rifle and pistol, Boba Fett’s iconic jetpack, and a figure base.” You can take plenty of looks at him in the gallery below. And while he may cost a pretty penny, he probably still runs less than the original vintage Kenner figure. Does this make him a must-have? let us know what you think in comments below.