Hot Toys Gets Ambitious With Baby Yoda Speeder Bike Set

Quick: who’s the most hated villain in the Star Wars universe? Supreme Leader Snoke and Emperor Palpatine don’t fit the bill. And despite what vocal segments of the online fanbase may say, Jar Jar Binks or Rose Tico don’t either. The biggest heel in that galaxy far, far away at the moment? The Scout Trooper who kicked Baby Yoda, on The Mandalorian. That kind of behavior may fly on South Park, but nobody gets away with harming our favorite fifty year-old kid like that.

Hot Toys, however, will let those fans with deep pockets replay the scene, possibly (definitely) letting the kid get his revenge every time. In their most ambitious Baby Yoda collectible set yet, the company includes a full 1:6 scale Speeder Bike and Scout Trooper. Fans can also order the Scout individually. But for collectors to get The Child (with all-new face sculpt), only the full Baby Yoda Speeder Bike set will do.

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Both Scout and Speeder come fully detailed, with authentic desert weathering effects. Clearly, cleaning uniforms and equipment stopped being a priority for ex-Empire folks. A cloth satchel big enough to hold the powerful child can and does. Though his happy expression suggests he enjoys the ride in spite of the malicious kick. As usual, the Scout comes with multiple hands and a desert-themed base, with pistol holsters in his boots.

If you have to ask how much this set will cost, you probably can’t afford it. But check out the images in our gallery below and see if it looks worth saving up for.