Mickey Rourke Not Doing Iron Man 2?

Mickey Rourke has told New York Magazine that it’s looking like he won’t be playing the villain in Iron Man 2:

But so what if ICM’s David Unger doesn’t look good in a dress — at least he’s battling Marvel for a bigger paycheck for Rourke for his rumored role as a villain in Iron Man 2, right? “Right now, we’re not doing Iron Man 2,” Rourke told us grimly.

In January, the news broke that Marvel had offered the award-winning “Wrestler” star just $250,000 to play a villain in the sequel. Perhaps further negotiations didn’t go so well? Also, Rourke is now firmly attached to star in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, which starts shooting shortly and might interfere with the Iron Man 2 shoot.

Stay tuned for possibly more on this…

Source: New York Magazine