Matthew Vaughn on Berry and Storm

Zap2it talked to X-Men 3 director who says that he hasn’t spoken to Halle Berry yet about returning as Storm in X-Men 3, though he hopes that will happen. Reports say that Berry has been frustrated about her limited role in the Bryan Singer-directed films.

“The only thing about Storm that was better in ‘X2’ than ‘X1’ was she had a better haircut,” says Vaughn, referring to how her long, straight locks were updated into a layered ‘do for the second movie. “So, it’s not going to be hard to give her more to do. I’ve written her a very good role so hopefully [Halle] will be enthusiastic.”

Check out the full interview here, in which Vaughn also mentions his favorite character that will probably never be seen on-screen.

Source: Zap2it