New Ghost Rider Movie Updates

‘Maarten’ has another report from the Ghost Rider set in Melbourne, where Mark Steven Johnson is directing Wes Bentley, Eva Mendes, Matt Long, Sam Elliott, Peter Fonda and Donal Logue.

I was at the treasury house set after work tonight to see the new set for a scene in Ghost Rider, yet all I saw were 4 cranes with flood lights on them. Also, about 4 crewmen working on them. Word is peter fonda, wes bentley, a slew of guys in long black trench-coats were there the night before, as well as donal logue. They’ll be shooting quite late tonight and seeing as that seems to be a good 4 hours away, I opted to not stick around.


Meanwhile, ‘Robert’ has sent us some updates as well, starting with this press release from Film Victoria on the start of filming:

Hollywood has come to Melbourne this week for the start of filming on the multi million dollar movie Ghost Rider.

The Premier, Steve Bracks, said the streets of Melbourne’s CBD would soon be showcased across the world, as filming takes place in various locations around the city for most of March.

Other locations to be used in filming include Bacchus Marsh and parts of north west Victoria.

You can read more at the link above. Eva Mendes also talked to the Daily Record about the movie:

Next she’s off to Australia to team up with Nicolas Cage for the keenly anticipated comicbook super hero movie Ghost Rider and understandably she’s excited about working alongside the Oscar-winning star.

‘I love Nicolas Cage, he’s one of our best actors. But I also love the fact that he is so obsessed with Ghost Rider that he has a Ghost Rider tattoo. That means I’m a part of somebody’s dream.’

Next up, here is a story on a man who saddled up a major character in the film (minor spoiler):

A local resident has made a saddle for the upcoming Sony Columbia Pictures flick, Ghost Rider, currently shooting in Melbourne.

The movie is based on the Marvel comic book and stars Nicolas Cage, Sam Elliot, Eva Mendes, Wes Bentley and Peter Fonda.

Dayboro resident Ty Grainger, who has previously been involved in the entertainment industry, got the job after being recommended by word of mouth.

And this native of Melbourne stumbled upon the Ghost Rider set:

Walking home we found ourselves wandering thru buildings we knew never used to be there, old creepy looking buildings. Not until we saw security and witches hats and miles of cable did we realise we had wandered smack bang into the middle of the Ghost Rider set, no sign of Nic Cage tho, slimey bastard.

Source: Maarten, Robert