New Ghost Rider Movie Updates

‘Maarten’ has written us again with another report on the Ghost Rider movie:

My brother and I were just watching the F1 telecast on TV, which is happening at Albert Park here in Melbourne today. Nicolas Cage has just turned up, wearing one of the biggest cowboy hats I’ve seen in a LONG time, accompanied by a black jacket.

He was asked by a reporter about “an action film shooting here in Melbourne” to which he replied, “it was very good, and I’m very excited”. Nicolas then went on to briefly mention he also loves F1 racing before walking off.

He seemed a little disorientated, as he also was on Wednesday night’s filming in Lt Lonsdale Street, but this probably would have been thanks to the mass media attention he’s been getting here in Melbourne.

Also, executive producer Bennett Walsh talked to The Age about why they picked the location:

Ghost Rider is Mr Walsh’s second production in Australia; last year he made the military adventure Stealth in Sydney. When director Mark Steven Johnson looked at Melbourne, Mr Walsh says, “he fell in love with it, especially the laneways and the architecture and the river with the network of bridges”. (Before you go getting a warm, fuzzy feeling, he adds that Ghost Rider is set in a “nondescript city in Texas”.)

Mr Walsh was speaking to The Sunday Age at the end of the first week of shooting in and around the motorcycle precinct in Elizabeth Street.

“It was difficult,” he says of the night shoot that involved 200 people and 45 trucks loaded with gear, “but not insurmountable”.

In a few weeks, the bar will be raised just a little higher when the second unit starts work – that’s another 150 people and 30 trucks of gear. It dwarfs anything Melbourne has seen before in terms of movie productions, and it demands a high degree of flexibility on the part of the council, the Melbourne Film Office and other interested parties.

That full article is available at the link above. And the Herald Sun is reporting about a stunt double for Wes Bentley:

FORMER Big Brother survivor Vincent Amato has returned to his pre-reality TV life and is working as a structural engineer in Melbourne. However, there is still a little bit of the showbiz bug in him. Amato has scored the potentially bruising job as US actor Wes Bentley’s body double on the action blockbuster Ghost Rider. Bentley plays the film’s bad guy character, Blackheart.

Source: Superhero Hype!