How Jennifer Garner Auditioned for Elektra

USA Today has a funny bit on how Jennifer Garner auditioned for the role of Elektra in Daredevil

During pre-production on Daredevil, “we were auditioning hundreds of people” for the part, says Marvel studio chief Avi Arad. “And in walks Jennifer. She’s beautiful, looks strong and confident. Everyone is impressed.”

Just before the audition began, however, Garner asked whether she could wear her cell phone while she acted out the scene.

“I said to myself, ‘Listen, lady. This is a big movie you’re trying out for,’ ” Arad says.

But Garner was insistent.

“She said her sister was in labor and she wanted to get the phone if it was her,” he says. “So we said OK.”

Mid-audition, Garner’s phone rang. “It was her agent,” Arad says, laughing, “wanting to know how the audition went.”

Despite the interruption, Garner got the part. “The more you look and get to know her, the more you realize what great potential she has,” Arad says. “When you can combine that kind of strength of character and work ethic and beauty, you’d be smart to put that in your movies.”

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Source: USA Today