Guillermo del Toro Answers Hellboy Questions

Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro has answered more questions from fans on the official site’s Message Board. Here are some highlights…

Also, did you get to see the small 3d animation of Hellboy?

-I saw it. Is quite spectacular. I truly hope the movie succeeds and we can get a cartoon series off the ground. Obviously this is the guy to go to-

8) Speaking of the future, let’s go back to it for three (or five, I guess) seconds. Don’t answer these if you don’t care to…but: how many movies do you think it would take to tell Hellboy’s full story.

THREE, to do justice to all graphic novels.

9) Anyway, sorry to harp on and on and on about this, but regarding the trailer and its December release following THE LAST SAMURAI. The film doesn’t get released here in the UK until 9th January (according to the iMDB) so does that mean we’ll have to wait until then to see it?

-No. It will be online as soon as possible.

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Source: Official Site