Spider-Man 2 Coming To IMAX?

Apparently the folks at IMAX are eyeing Spidey for another one of their giant screen releases. The NY Daily News reports:

So far fans have been willing to pay up for the big screen experience. Theatergoers who saw the Imax version of “Matrix Reloaded” at the Imax theater in the popular Sony multiplex at Broadway and W. 68th Street paid $13 a ticket, vs. $10 a ticket at a regular screen.

“Our strategy is to offer the consumer a premium product at a premium price,” said Imax co-CEO Brad Wechsler. But Imax has to get more studios to sign on. It hasn’t announced a big Hollywood deal in some time.

Last week, MGM chief Alex Yemenidjian, was asked at a big media conference whether he’d consider an Imax version of MGM’s next James Bond flick.

Yemenidjian said he’s talking to Imax, but MGM has yet to commit to anything. Also on Imax’s wish list: the next “Harry Potter” and “Spider Man 2.”

“I would like to have more visibility,” Wechsler said. “We want to show theater owners we have a continuous flow of product.”

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Source: NY Daily News