The Punisher Set Report & New Pictures!

Two great scoopers chimed in tonight about what’s happening for The Punisher movie down in Tampa. First up is ‘LudiChris’ with a spoiler report…

Just got back from watching a scene from The Punisher being filmed. They were filming in downtown Tampa tonight. The scene consisted of John Travolta and Laura Herring exiting a limo and a sports car and entering The Saints and Sinners nightclub. The building is seven or eight stories tall with very large windows. All the windows were lite with red lights. There was also a giant banner on the building that said Saints and Sinners and had a giant red halo logo. Out front of the building there were two tall pillers with upside down pyramids on top. The pyramids had fire coming from them. Definitely very cool looking and I can’t wait to see how they look on film. There were also quite a few very expensive cars outside. When they finished filming John Travolta got in a car and drove right by us and waved.

Speaking of Travolta, ‘Thamer’ snapped some great pictures of the actor on the set today which you can check out here!

Source: LuciChris, Thamer