New Transformers 2 Set Report and Photos!

Scooper ‘Brian D.’ sent Superhero Hype! a new report and photos of the filming for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania:

Last night a few of us hung around until about 4am hoping we could see an explosion or two in the early morning as that’s what we had heard. Just when we thought we weren’t going to see anything someone from the production, probably an AD or assistant came over to the barricade and asked us if we wanted to go into the set and watch one of the pyrotechnic stunts. As you can imagine we were pretty pumped. They walked us down 2nd street to the base of the first blast furnace tower (the big crazy looking buildings). We got to see two of the Black Hawk helicopters up close as well as two weird looking Humvee type jeeps. They had large machine guns mounted on top and were more rounded than a hummer. Similar to the picture of the 4 wheeler that’s been circulating around. These weren’t potential Transformers because we all asked if we could see some of them, and they laughed and said no and that they were already in one of the other buildings under tarps. Once we got to where the AD was taking us, Micheal Bay came over and said hi to all of us and explained what he was doing in this shot. He explained that some bombs were going to go off as this group of soldiers (about 15) were going to be blown back by it. They had a ratchet system set up (the cables attached to the stuntmen that yanks them back for effect.) The shot was of the soldiers walking up towards a pile of cement tubes (like for tunnels) and then it blew up and they all were thrown back and started opening fire in the direction of the explosion. I can only hope that somewhere in that pile there will be a Transformer later haha. The photographer was out taking pictures for the setup and of us and said that it would be online at some point. After the explosion they let us hang out for a few minutes and watch them break down some stuff. What was cool is that we kept hearing revving and a muscle car taking off down a road several times. Eventually we were able to notice a camera jib SUV driving with a car chasing it and while it was dark and far away, the taillights of the speeding car looked like a Camaro. If i had to guess I’d say the second unit was getting shots of Bumblebee coming out of one of the buildings. So that was pretty cool. The only trinkets we got to remember (aside from that picture hopefully) were handfuls of spent blanks haha. There were bullet casings all over the place. Rest assured this scene (rumored to be the opening scene according to the local newspaper) is going to be HUGE.

Check out his photos by clicking the image below!

Source: Brian D.