New Dark Knight Set Report and Photos!

Scoopers ‘Streaker_67’ and ‘Spiral’ sent us a new report from The Dark Knight set in Chicago along with new photos! Here’s what happened today:

I was there between 8am and 3pm today.

Extras were brought out of the post office dressed in business attire, perhaps in the area of 20 people. They were joined on Van Buren in front of the post office by more extras in cars.

The helicopter tried to come in but it was just too windy and it was on scene less than five minutes before leaving.

The extras milled about for awhile, then ran thru their movements in the cars before all the cars were pulled to either side of the street and the extras all gathered on the stairs, where they were then led inside the post office. This was around 9am, and they would not reemerge until after 3pm.

In the building across from the post office where the zipline originates, they were filming inside for almost two hours, though very little was visible. Occassionally a line was shot out of the window, fell down the building and was then pulled up.

Around 11 Christopher Nolan and about 8 people following him came out of the building and went into the post office. After they left a large camera was removed from that building, followed by about 8 carts of equipment, leading me to believe they are done filming the interiors for the big cross.

Something of note: two stunt men (I’m guessing) walked right by me on the way to the building. Each of them had a clown mask in a clear plastic bag. They were different than the other masks because they were soft, not hard. When I saw actors carrying them in the suburban, they seemed like hard plastic that maintained their shape. These masks were rubbery (though they looked the same style), and in fact one of them was folded nearly in half!

Between 8am and 3pm I am 98% certain that no human went across the zipline. My 2% uncertainty comes from the short times I was not able to see it (due to moving positions).

The wall is coming along: 4 doors were added to it, and after I left at 3pm my friend who stayed behind told me that a school bus (not the one inside the post office, but another one) was BACKED into the door frame, where it just barely fit.

After this the extras reemerged, the helicopter returned, and a street scene was shot 8 to 10 times, whenever the helicopter came by. Each time the helicopter went by, a black ‘bag’ looking object was sent across the zipline, but no person. On the last two runs the extras were reacting to (pointing at) the school bus in the fake wall section.

The extras left around 4:40, and construction on the wall resumed, with them building the wall around the bus that was parked partway through it.

More filming will be tomorrow!

You can view the great photos here!

Source: Streaker_67, Spiral