New Dark Knight Set Report

Scooper ‘Boo-Yah4’ sent in this report on The Dark Knight filming in Chicago (includes some spoilers):

I have an update on filming in downtown Chicago on the new Batman movie.

They are shooting a scene on one of bridges over the Chicago river near where the new Trump building is being constructed. I haven’t caught them filming any action yet, but there is a GPD swat van parked in the middle of the bridge. There’s tons of GPD cop cars on the one side of the bridge I was on, blocking it off. There were also a bunch of army hummers and trucks parked on the bridge. My buddy and I walked through the extras holding area and there were tons of guys dressed as soldiers with fake guns walking around.

There was a helicopter flying over the site earlier. I unfortunately didn’t have a camera at work, but if the filming is back tomorrow, I’ll try and grab some shots.

Source: Boo-Ya4