Spider-Man 3 New York Set Report

‘Kramer’ writes in with a detailed report on what was just filmed for Spider-Man 3 in New York:

Alright sportsfans—here’s a small update about our favorite wallcrawler.

Some material below could be considered spoiling. So you should stop right after the next paragraph to stay clean.

Tonight was 2nd unit work in the financial district on Pearl Street. The Spidey Cam was rigged between two buildings and spanned eight blocks end to end.

The shot was a flyover of picture cars below that varied from cabs to standard passenger vehicles.

As they were waiting for some rain to pass, Tobey’s stunt double walked up as I was talking with a friend of mine. He had on a shirt that was representing the design studio that built both the black and red Spidey suits. Nice guy. Down to earth. INCREDIBLY close resemblance to Tobey.

The synopsis for the scenes tonight was plain. ‘Black Spidey shows off’. I’ll add that props dept was to have sand on set this evening.

2nd unit has the next two days off–Thursday will be a day to stop by the set and watch. Guaranteed. Basically-The scenes to be shot involve these three elements-the armored car, Sandman, and Spidey.

This will most likely be shot on Court street in Brooklyn. I ran into a PA passing out notices to all of the businesses within a seven block stretch just south of Atlantic Ave.

Saturday is supposed to involve Peter riding through the streets on his scooter. I don’t know what route they will be using.

Both units have around a week and a half left here in the city.

Source: Kramer