EXCLUSIVE: The Punisher Tampa Set Pictures!

Scooper ‘StarzGuy’ witnessed filming for The Punisher in Tampa recently and sent in a great report with pictures…

I was vacationing in the Tampa area 2 weeks ago with my wife and daughter and was on the lookout for any ” The Punisher” filming nearby. We took a drive to Fort DeSoto Park in St. Pete Beach and upon entering the park saw signs for 2nd unit filming (see picture) (Fort DeSoto Park is doubling for Puerto Rico in the movie). There were approximately 50 production trailers at the site. We observed a few takes of a chase scene from high atop a section of the Fort itself (light blue Jeep) (see picture), plus setup for a scene right on the beach (see picture). The pier set was freshly painted with signs in Spanish (see picture), and a nearby building was used as a bar/cantina (see picture). As I was taking pictures, security came up and had us leave the pier as filming was set to start after lunch. No sign of any first unit shooting in that area unfortunately (word had it they were shooting in Dunedin and Tampa that week).

Keep up the great work…Love the site!

Our source sent additional pictures which you can all view here!

Source: StarzGuy