Interview: Prometheus Co-Writer Jon Spaihts

Spaihts is a screenwriter who has been very much demand in recent years, mainly due to his screenplay for an outer space adventure called Passengers for Keanu Reeves that made the 2007 screenplay Black List–an industry award given to the best unproduced spec screenplays each year–but has still yet to be produced. Since then, Spaihts worked on the screenplay for last year’s The Darkest Hour, and the anticipation for Ridley Scott returning to the world of his early film Alien in Prometheus has gotten even more people in Hollywood interested in Spaihts’ work.

We actually had a chance to speak with Jon a few weeks back, long before anyone had a chance to see the movie, so for those who want to know more about how Prometheus came together and how Spaihts worked with Ridley Scott and then Damon Lindelof on developing the concept but don’t want to worry about spoilers for the movie, this is the interview for you! (We also talked with Spaihts about some of the other screenplays he has in development including an adaptation of Ashley Wood’s graphic novel “World War Robot” and movies with Jerry Bruckheimer and Scott Rudin.)

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Prometheus opens in North America on June 8. Look for more from the cast and Sir Ridley Scott himself before then.