Alien Noah Hawley

Alien Hulu Series Release Schedule, Ridley Scott’s Involvement Revealed

Noah Hawley detailed the Alien Hulu series release schedule plans for the upcoming series, while also addressing Ridley Scott‘s status as executive producer.

What is the Alien Hulu series release schedule?

Speaking to Deadline, Hawley revealed that the Alien series remains in production in Thailand until July and he recently wrapped work on the episodes he directed. Additionally, Hulu wants to maintain momentum with Alien’s release schedule by having the first two seasons come out with as little time gap as possible in 2025.

“They’re saying maybe don’t do two things at once on this show,” Hawley said. “Their hope is to put a season two as close to season one as possible.”

Hawley previously teased Hulu’s plan for multiple “recurring” seasons of Alien, where the stories will be set on Earth three decades before the events of the original 1979 movie. “I knew that their desire was for a recurring series, not a limited series, and I had an idea that I was excited about, that I could see the escalation of it from one year to another. That’s where we ended up not pitching them having a bible or pitching them blow-by-blow, but saying, ‘Big picture: this is the first movement, this is the second movement, and we’re ultimately going here.’”

How involved is Ridley Scott?

Disney announced the Alien series during Disney Investor Day 2020 with Hawley as showrunner while 1979’s Alien and 2012’s Prometheus director Ridley Scott serving as executive producer. With Scott busy directing Gladiator 2, however, Hawley reveals the Oscar-winning filmmaker has limited his involvement with the series to a small conversation about the story themes and nothing more.

“In the four years it’s taken me to launch this show, he’s made how many movies?” Hawley said. “What I said to Ridley is, ‘I’m adapting your movie.’ I had to make a decision — retro-futurism or Prometheus? And I chose retro-futurism. When I close my eyes, and you say Alien to me, I see that green Ascii text. You know, I hear that sound. I see that keyboard with the weird Egyptian ruins on it. I see those hallways.”

The first season of Alien is expected to arrive on Hulu sometime in 2025.