Green Lantern Writer Says HBO Max Series Won’t Repeat Film’s Mistakes

The upcoming Green Lantern series is easily one of the most intriguing new projects that HBO Max has in the works. However, some fans can’t get past the fact that it’s coming from Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, both of whom worked on the screenplay for 2011’s critically-reviled Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds. In spite of that film’s failures, Berlanti and Guggenheim would later return to the DC Universe as two of the primary architects behind The CW’s long-running Arrowverse franchise. And in a new interview with, Guggenheim promised that the new series will learn from the film’s mistakes.

During the interview, Guggenheim confirmed that the series takes place in a separate continuity from the Arrowverse. Regardless, he confessed that the creative process won’t be very different.

Green Lantern, we’re approaching it as doing it distinct from the Arrowverse,” said Guggenheim. “It’s not going to have any creative tendrils. But yeah, myself, Greg Berlanti, Lamont Magee, Geoff Johns, we’ve all got experience in the Arrowverse. I’m sure that in some way, shape, or form, the sensibilities but also a lot of lessons, we learned a lot of lessons across doing these shows both from a creative standpoint and a production standpoint. I’m sure we’ll be bringing that experience to Green Lantern as we get deeper and deeper into the series.”

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“Greg and I have worked together for 16 years now,” continued Guggenheim. “We’ve worked together on a lot of different things – some DC-related, some not DC-related. He came to me years ago, now, with the idea of ‘DC is letting us do a Green Lantern series for their streaming service, would you want to be involved?’ And, I said, of course. Because of the movie and that experience, there’s a strong desire on my part and on Greg’s part to get right what had been gotten wrong ten years ago.”

Berlanti and Guggenheim are working on Green Lantern with showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith. So far, the cast includes Finn Wittrock as Guy Gardner and Jeremy Irvine as Alan Scott. The series is also expected to feature newer Corps members from the comics like Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. Lee Toland Krieger, who previously helmed the pilot for Superman & Lois, is directing the first two episodes.

HBO Max still hasn’t announced a premiere date for Green Lantern.

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