Marvel’s Avengers Game Expands With Black Panther: War for Wakanda

Wakanda forever! Or, at least, for download. Marvel’s Avengers game prepares to expand in a big way with a battle for everyone’s favorite fictional African kingdom. Utilizing a lot of iconography from Ryan Coogler’s film, this expansion allows the player to finally visit the Afro-futurist nation, and save it. Because in this timeline, Klaw is still around. (Yes, it’s spelled with a “w” in  the game.) And he’s more dangerous than ever, as he wants to steal all the Vibranium. It’s going to be a war for Wakanda. Become the Black Panther.

Take a look at the cinematic trailer below:

T’Challa certainly has his work cut out for him. But he won’t have to work alone. Shuri, the Dora Milaje, and of course other Avengers stand ready to assist. And some of the enemies are huge.

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The war for Wakanda DLC expansion will incur no additional cost. Expect it to arrive in August. Which gives Marvel gamers time to save their pennies for October’s release of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Are you excited to do battle in a virtual Wakanda? Does the power of the Panther compel you? Let us know in comments below.

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