Join the Avengers and Allies to Defeat Galactus in Fortnite Season 4 Trailer

Several Marvel characters have dropped on Fortnite‘s Island. It has been in the air for some time, and today the developers confirmed that players would be able to play as some of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes like She-Hulk, Thor, as well as Wolverine, Storm, Groot, and more. On top of that, a few villains like Mystique and Dr. Doom will bury the hatchet and will join forces with the Avengers to face Galactus. Epic Games has announced the team of superheroes in the official trailer for the upcoming Season 4, called Nexus War.

You can watch the Fortnite Season 4 trailer in the player below.

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Fans will be able to discover how the Avengers and their allies have arrived on the Island by reading the whole Nexus War: Thor comic story at the helicarrier room in-game. Yes, this means that some of the iconic locations from the Marvel comics will be available on the Island. Among others, players will see Doom’s Domain, the Sentinel Graveyard, and more.

The developers have also teased that players would be able to take up super-powers like “Silver Surfer’s board,” among the others. Even though the humanoid alien hasn’t been officially announced, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he pops up sooner or later in the game.

In the meantime, Epic Games is bringing forward its legal battle against Apple. One of the side effects of the ongoing war is that fans won’t be able to play the game’s latest season on Apple hardware, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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