Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Introduces Loki, Blade, Punisher & More!

The Marvel Games panel is currently underway at San Diego Comic-Con. Though it’s not being live-streamed, first details about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order are coming out in spades. And there’s a lot to take in here, fans.

First off, perhaps the biggest news here is the confirmation that a new playable character will be joining the fray tomorrow – Loki! The God of Mischief becomes an unlockable character over the course of the game. No word yet if he’s a boss players have to fight, or if he just unlocks naturally.

Once he does open up, he’ll offer up a number of powers. These include ice abilities, as well as illusions that can throw off enemies with ease. Some gameplay footage was shown during the panel. Nintendo hasn’t released this online just yet, but they may do so shortly in an effort to hype the game’s release tomorrow.

In addition, Nintendo also revealed two additional playable characters that will be available for free next month. Colossus and Cyclops will join the roster starting August 30 as part of a free update to the game. They’re part of the current storyline, but there was some concern from some players about not being included in the main roster. But no worries – they’re coming soon.

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Last but not least, Marvel’s Bill Rosemann and company revealed the first contents for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s first downloadable content – the Marvel Knights pack. And, as we previously predicted, the Punisher and Moon Knight will join the party! But there’s more where that came from, as the Daywalker himself, Blade, and the devastating Morbius will also be available! It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s due sometime this fall.

Last but not least, Rosemann also confirmed that a new Ultimate Alliance comic book series is also in the works, based on The Black Order. It doesn’t have a release date either.

It sounds like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has some very big plans in store for fans of the series. They’ll be able to jump in with their Nintendo Switch starting tomorrow, July 19!

What character are you hoping to play as in the latest entry in the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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