Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s Japanese Trailer Teases Boss Battles and Powers

Ultimate Alliance 3’s Japanese Trailer Teases Boss Battles and Powers

Next month, Nintendo and Team Ninja will revive the Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise with a brand new game: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. While the game is loosely based upon Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity stories, Ultimate Alliance 3 has a much larger roster of heroes to play with. Almost all of the Avengers are here, alongside Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, the Defenders, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, a new Japanese trailer has offered an extended look at the gameplay and features. It also includes a glimpse at the boss battles with several Marvel villains in play.

Nintendo of Japan released the trailer, which doesn’t have an English translation. But it’s not hard to follow the character lineup, which also includes a few X-Men, Deadpool, Crystal of the Inhumans, and even Elsa Bloodstone. Additionally, the trailer demonstrates the Iso-8 power ups before unveiling the bad guys. Juggernaut, the Kingpin, Doctor Octopus, and Dormammu are just some of the villains in the game. And it looks like they may be ganging up on the heroes. If the trailer’s closing moments are any indication, then Juggernaut may have also made an enemy out of Deadpool.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will hit the Nintendo Switch on July 19. Future DLC packs will include the Fantastic Four, more X-Men, and Marvel Knights.

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