Netflix Reveals the Cast of Dragon Age: Absolution, Releases New Trailer

Earlier this year, Netflix announced that a new anime series based on BioWare’s Dragon Age RPGs was in the works. Although the news was accompanied by a brief teaser, new details about show have been scarce since June. But ahead of its debut next month, Netflix is finally peeling back the curtain on its upcoming trip to Thedas. The streaming service has premiered a new full-length trailer for Dragon Age: Absolution, and we finally know which actors will be bringing the characters to life.

Don’t let the animation or the fantastical premise fool you—Absolution is a show aimed squarely at adults. Aside from not shying away from violence or strong language, the series promises to explore several “mature themes” over the course of its six-episode run. At the heart of this new story is Miriam, a “pragmatic elven mercenary” voiced by Kimberly Brooks. Born into a life of slavery in the Tevinter Imperium, all Miriam wants now is to leave her past behind. But when a heist to steal a magical artifact goes south, she will have no choice but to confront her tragic history.

You can watch the new trailer for the series in the player below.

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Absolution’s voice cast also includes Matthew Mercer as Fairbanks, a “veteran freedom fighter” who leads the series’ heroes; Ashly Burch as Qwydion, a Qunari mage with a bubbly, talkative personality and an obsession with explosives; Sumalee Montano as Hira, another mage and an old friend of Miriam’s; Phil LaMarr as Roland, a charming (yet gritty) swordsman; Keston John as Lacklon, a “dwarven Lord of Fortune” who is always in search of a fight; Josh Keaton as Rezaren, whose own brushes with tragedy inspires him to create a better future for Tevinter’s citizens; and Zehra Fazal as Tassia, a moral crusader who keeps her allies in line.

BioWare developed Absolution with Red Dog Culture House, which previously worked on The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. Mairghread Scott, a veteran of Disney XD’s Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon, served as the showrunner for the project. The series will also precede the release of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, BioWare’s next installment in the franchise. Dreadwolf is currently in development for next-gen consoles and will act as a sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Dragon Age: Absolution will premiere on Netflix on December 9.

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