Key art for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf featuring Solas.

Report: Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Gets a Disappointing Release Date Update

BioWare‘s highly-anticipated next entry in the Dragon Age franchise may not release until at least mid-2024.

Per GameSpot, gaming industry insider Jeff Grubb revealed the disappointing update during the latest episode of Giant Bomb’s Game Mess Mornings show. According to Grubb, the upcoming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf was initially eyeing a 2023 release, but has been pushed back well into 2024 — if not later. “For a while there, it was like Dragon Age could have come out this year,” he said. “In fact, internally, at one point, the date that they were looking at was next month — September 2023.” Grubb added that Dreadwolf likely isn’t “coming out until summer 2024 at the earliest at this point.” However, the game could be delayed even further. Grubb predicts that the Dragon Age: Inquisition sequel will release by the end of 2024, though sees an early-2025 release as a possibility as well.

Rumors earlier in the year indicated that BioWare intended to release Dragon Age: Dreadwolf as early as this fall. Since then, publisher EA failed to include it on its list of games for the current fiscal year, indicating Dreadwolf wouldn’t see the light of day until at least April 2024. BioWare also announced a major shakeup, cutting 50 jobs from its development team and dropping the playtest company Keywords.

Everything known about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

BioWare announced the new Dragon Age entry in 2018. Details around it remained minimal until June 2022, when the developer confirmed its title, Dreadwolf, and Inquisition’s companion and optional love interest Solas as the antagonist. Although the confirmation did not come until four years after the initial announcement, fan speculation had pointed to Solas as the center of the next game after Inquisition DLC Trespasser’s shocking conclusion.

As of October 2022, BioWare GM Gary McKay claimed Dreadwolf had passed the alpha stage, making it playable from beginning to end. While a release date remains unknown, a job listing for a lead designer on Dreadwolf indicated the next Dragon Age game will only launch on next-gen consoles. Additionally, BioWare assured fans in 2021 that Dreadwolf would focus on the single-player experience, dispelling earlier concerns.