Netflix Is Developing a Gears of War Movie and an Animated Series

Sixteen years ago today, the first Gears of War video game hit the Xbox 360 and kicked off one of Microsoft’s top franchises. Hollywood has been trying to adapt it ever since, and now it’s Netflix’s turn to take a chainsaw riffle to it. Via The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has teamed up with game developer The Coalition to produce a new live-action Gears of War movie. Additionally, an adult animated series is also in development for Netflix.

The original Gears of War game was created by designer Cliff Bleszinski. It took place on the planet Sera and put players in the role of Marcus Fenix, a soldier Delta Squad who goes up against a fearsome subterranean alien race known as The Locust. Regardless of humanity’s perilous position on Sera, Fenix and his forces manage to turn the tide.

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Gears of War‘s frantic action and story were widely praised, and it led to four direct sequels on Xbox consoles. It remains one of the system’s most popular franchises. The most recent sequel, Gears 5, was released in 2019. It also placed a female soldier, Kait Diaz, in the leading role, alongside Fenix’s son, James Dominic “JD” Fenix.

For now, the live-action film and animated series don’t have creative teams attached. But presumably the search will soon begin for writers and directors for both projects. And as noted by THR, more Gears of War projects will follow if these two are successful.

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