Look Behind the Scenes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s Special Effects

So how exactly did Marvel substitute an oversized digital double for Tatiana Maslany? Per a new featurette, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law‘s special effects involved a lot of motion capture, head cut outs on sticks, digitally erasable platforms, 25 different outfits to create virtually, and a whole lot more, including weird reference strands of hair clipped on to Maslany’s head cam rig.

One thing it does not show is her body double, to keep the magic intact, perhaps. More interesting, perhaps, are details like the bluescreens over all the law office windows, indicating that all the exterior views of the city in the background were virtual. It’s always the effects you don’t notice that are the most impressive.

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Let visual effects supervisor Shannon Justison and visual effects supervisor Dadi Einarsson explain, and show more:

The fact that Maslany makes that all look effortless while having to step on very specific, elevated marks and wear all that equipment makes her performance all the more impressive. Even if the effects aren’t always perfectly seamless, the labor involved to get them seems intense.

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