Nightwing and Tim Drake Face Ninjas in Titans Season 4 Footage

Titans is diving headfirst into supernatural territory this year with the introduction of the Church of Blood. But that doesn’t mean they can’t square off against the occasional ninja once in a while. During the New York Comic-Con festivities, showrunner Greg Walker and several cast members were on hand to discuss the series’ highly-anticipated fourth season. But more importantly, HBO Max released the first clip from the new episodes, which pits Nightwing and Tim Drake against a group of armed assassins.

Compared to some of the enemies they’ve faced in previous seasons, ninjas rank pretty low on the danger scale. Regardless, the mission seems to be more of a training exercise for Tim (Jay Lycurgo), who joined the cast in season 3 and is expected to become the next Robin just like his comic book counterpart. Clearly, Tim still has a few self-confidence issues to sort out before he earns the right to wear the Boy Wonder’s costume, since he leaves most of the fighting to Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites). But then again, Dick doesn’t exactly leave much of an opening for Tim to jump in and help him out.

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It’s still unclear who these ninjas are working for or how they factor into the larger storyline for the new season. But earlier this week, HBO Max gave us our first look at the main trio of villains joining the show this year. Joseph Morgan is assuming the role of Brother Blood, with Franka Potente and Lisa Ambalavanar co-starring as Mother Mayhem and Jinx, respectively. Titus Welliver will also appear as Lex Luthor.

Titans season 4 will premiere on HBO Max sometime in November.

What do you make of the first official clip from the new season? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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