Kang and Kodos Join Puny Earthlings for Super7’s Simpsons Wave 3

Kang may be the name of Marvel’s next big movie villain, but in The Simpsons‘ universe, it’s the name of one of two alien twins. Generally appearing in Treehouse of Horror episodes and rarely anywhere else, Kang and sibling Kodos usually menace Earth in general and the Simpson family in particular. Though they can become surprisingly benevolent if it serves a good plot twist. Kang and Kodos lead Super7‘s Simpsons Ultimates wave 3 as deluxe oversized figures. Ralph Wiggum and Mr. Burns join them in a more standard scale.

Both Kang and Kodos include alternate drooling faces, ray guns, and interchangeable tentacle attachments. Kang even comes with alien baby Maggie.

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Mr. Burns wouldn’t feel complete without his beloved bear Bobo, or the three-eyed fish Blinky on a plate. Multiple heads and hands create several evil expressions for him to ehhhhh-xcellently menace the rest.

Ralph’s accessories mostly speak for themselves, allowing fans to display him eating paste, learning spelling, or taking an ice cream to the face. But it’s not all bad — he got a Valentine!

Preorders start now at Super7, with the aliens going for $75 apiece and $55 each for Ralph and Monty. Or save on shipping at sites like our affiliate partner Entertainment Earth. (Superhero Hype may earn fees based on purchase made through our Entertainment Earth links.)

How do you like this latest wave of Simpsons figures? Still waiting to pass judgment on wave 1 when it ships? Let us know in comments.

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