Superheroes and Villains of Springfield Rule Super7’s Simpsons Wave 2

Bartman! Duffman! From elementary school to drinking age, Springfield features dubious superheroes with different demographic appeals. But the town boasts its fair share of villains too. Beloved entertainer Krusty the Clown may not specifically seem evil, but his criminal negligence alone undoubtedly cost many lives. Hank Scorpio, meanwhile, lives the life of a full-on James Bond villain, complete with volcano lair and henchmen. Super7‘s Simpsons wave 2 figures capture said heroes and heels in all their ultimate glory.

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Each character comes with his own vices. Krusty includes a cigarette-smoking head. His monkey sidekick, Mr. Teeny, smokes as well. One of Krusty’s alternate hands even holds a smoke and a drink at the same time! He can don a robe, offer up cereal with a jagged metal piece inside, rock a microphone, or toss a pie.

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Duffman’s more of a beer guy, and comes with plenty of them, as well as a foam finger. Pet Suds McDuff stands loyally by his side, as he offers 7-packs to unsuspecting drunkards. Hank Scorpio prefers coffee, but with that flamethrower at his disposal he might consider decaf someday.

Bartman’s accessories tell the sad tale of Radioactive Man #1. First as an intact and valuable comic, then as fodder for Santa’s Little Helper, and thirdly as bird’s nest lining. Collectors, take better care of your figures than that!

Preorders for $55 apiece as usual last for about a month at Super7’s site, and may be available at other retailers thereafter. Take a look at all the prototypes in the gallery below.

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