Super7 Switches to 2003 TMNT Figures, Adds Articulation

When Super7 started making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates, the idea seemed to be the same as the thinking behind Masters of the Universe Classics: redo all the vintage Playmates figures in a 7-inch scale with modern technology. Use the same designs, but give them all the extra detail and articulation companies can do now. Then there seemed to be some hiccups, with Super7 soliciting a version of the Rat King from a modern video game rather than the original toy style and using a different military ape character from a more obscure comic issue.

Millennial Power!

That may or may not be why they’re switching gears, but regardless, the latest series of Ultimates moves to the 2003 animated series and its subsequent toys. Not only that, but the company is changing their body style. Super7 Ultimates as a whole began by imitating Masters of the Universe Classics, then gradually adding a few more joints. These branch off on their own, with double-ball elbows and knees. The downside? They appear to all use the exact same body, though that’s true of many TMNT lines. Only in more recent years (and movies) has it become canonical to make them different shapes and sizes.

Right off the bat, Super7’s giving us all four turtles rather than doing one per wave. This is presumably both to test the waters and to spread the costs of developing the new articulation across four figures before putting it on another body. Order the full set directly from Super7 to get a bonus head pack, which, if we’re being honest, are simply existing facial expressions with the bandanas repainted to give them to a different turtle…and the bandana tails going in the opposite direction.

Take a look at the full set of official images below, and see what you think. As usual, these cost $55 apiece, and preorders close July 30th.