The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 – What Did You Think?!

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for the sixth episode of The Book of Boba Fett! Boba Fett episode 6

Blink and you missed Boba Fett this week. And this was another great episode… of The Mandalorian. The sixth episode of The Book of Boba Fett has debuted on Disney+, and we want to know what the Superhero Hype community thinks about it! This post is a place for all of you to leave your own reviews, thoughts, or anything else you want to say about The Book of Boba Fett episode 6.

At the outskirts of Mos Pelgo, Cobb Vanth (a.k.a. Space Raylan) chases off a few Pykes who try to run spice through the town. However, they don’t take the warning until Cobb shoots most of them down. Across the galaxy on Yavin IV, Mando arrives to witness the building of the new Jedi Academy. R2-D2 keeps Mando company while he waits for Luke Skywalker and Grogu to return. During their training, Luke helps Grogu remember the fall of the Jedi Temple to the Clone Troopers.

Ahsoka Tano reunites with Mando, and she is also reluctant to let him see Grogu. She explains that Grogu is having trouble adjusting, and it may be easier for him if Mando simply leaves without seeing him. Mando stays long enough to see that Grogu is safe, and presents Grogu’s beskar gift to Ahsoka. Grogu sees Mando’s ship take off in the distance, before he shows great promise in his training. Regardless, Luke wonders if Grogu’s heart is in it. Ahsoka tells Luke to follow his instincts, before departing as well.

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Mando arrives on Tatooine and learns just how badly Boba Fett and Fennec Shand are outnumbered. Fortunately, Mando has a possible solution. He travels to Mos Pelgo and catches up with Cobb, who tells him that the town is now called Freetown. Cobb is also reluctant to involve his people in a fight with the Pykes, but he concedes that they may not be safe forever. He agrees to speak to the townspeople and get back to Mando.

Unfortunately, Mando leaves Freetown before an old enemy wanders into view. It’s Cad Bane, from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and he brazenly warns Cobb not to get involved in the war with the Pykes on Boba’s behalf. And when Cobb’s overeager deputy tries to draw on Cad, he shoots down both the marshal and his deputy. Cobb may have survived; however, it doesn’t look good for the deputy. Meanwhile in Mos Espa, the Pykes escalate their war with Boba by firebombing Garsa Fwip’s Sanctuary.

Back on Yavin IV, Luke presents Grogu with a choice: accept Mando’s armor and return to him…Or he can take Master Yoda’s lightsaber and continue his Jedi training. He can only pick one, but we don’t see his decision here.

We still want to know what you think. So make sure to leave your reviews for The Book of Boba Fett episode 6 in the comment section below!

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