Party Thor Takes on the Ultrons In What If…? Season Finale Clip

The end of  What If…? episode 7 left Party Thor in a cliffhanger when the Infinity Ultron invaded his Earth. However, episode 8 put that story on hold as viewers learned how Ultron destroyed his world and claimed the Infinity Stones as his own. Additionally, the Watcher realized far too late that the Infinity Ultron is a threat to the entire multiverse. And the Watcher needs help to stop him.

IGN has debuted the first preview scene from tomorrow’s What If..? season finale. In the clip, Party Thor is fighting the army of Ultrons in Las Vegas. He is also pretty upset about the Ultrons ruining his date night plans with Jane Foster. Regardless, Party Thor isn’t ready for the next surprise heading his way…

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Who can take down an Ultron who has the powers of a god? The Watcher has already recruited the corrupted Doctor Strange (or Strange Supreme, if you prefer). But what the Watcher really needs are heroes from across the multiverse to come together. Perhaps they will even call themselves the Avengers…

The What If…? season 1 finale will stream on Disney+ on Wednesday, October 6.

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