Doctor Strange Seeks the Lost Books In New What If…? Preview

In this week’s episode of Marvel’s What If…?, the spotlight will fall on Doctor Strange. It’s not a coincidence that Strange’s first MCU movie introduced the multiverse. That’s because every step of Strange’s life could have gone in a different direction. For this story, Strange suffered a loss that meant more to him than anything else. And he is also willing to cross every line to reclaim what was his.

Disney+ and Marvel have released a new preview clip from What If…? episode 4. Additionally, the scene reveals that Strange needs the Lost Books of Cogliostro. According to legend, “[Cogliostro] knew how to break an absolute point in time.” This likely means that Strange is trying to rewrite his own history.

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Regardless of how Strange’s efforts pan out, one thing is clear: some jokes are just destined to be repeated across the multiverse. “Sorcerer Armani” may also be a fitting nickname for this incarnation of Strange. Unlike his MCU and comic book counterparts, this Strange variant is still showing off his immense wealth.

The fourth episode of What If…? premieres on Wednesday, September 1 on Disney+.

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