Maggie Confronts Negan in The Walking Dead Episode 10.17 Table Read

Even though things didn’t go as planned for The Walking Dead this year, fans can’t complain too much. As a sort of compensation for being forced to wait for the Season 10 finale and the Season 11 for longer than expected, fans will be treated with six extra Season 10 episodes scheduled for early next year. The cause for the delay is the ongoing global health emergency that complicated the production for the series.

But the AMC marketing machine has never stopped running, and now the television network has released a table read for the upcoming seventeenth episode of TWD Season 10. The video features some familiar faces from the show, including Lauren Cohan’s Maggie, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, Melissa McBride’s Carol, and Norman Reedus’ Daryl, among others. In it, Maggie’s return seems likely to cause problems with the now-reformed former bad guy Negan. From the conversation, it emerges that Negan took part in the burning of Hilltop, and Carol confesses that she set him free when he agreed to kill Alpha.

You can watch The Walking Dead Episode 10.17 table read in the player below.

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The relationship between Maggie and Negan has never been exactly idyllic. The last known surviving member of the Greene family always intensely despised Negan since he murdered her husband, Glenn. She even attempted to assassinate him, but then decided to spare his life to make him suffer.

AMC has yet to announce when The Walking Dead Episode 10.17 is airing. However, it will debut somewhere in spring 2021.

What do you expect from the upcoming episode of the show? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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