Preacher season 4 episode 4 recap

Preacher Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

As the world inches closer to apocalypse, Jesse made similar strides toward the shores of Australia. Only one of those came directly after the massacre of an entire sex party, but both remained threatening in their own way. But the Preacher’s journey didn’t get any easier. Catching God’s eye has a way of spawning obstacles of biblical proportions (literally) in anyone’s way. But Tulip and Cassidy might’ve found their own unlikely holy ally. Help can come from the oddest of places.

A Bit Of Payback

Cassidy’s latest transport from the Masada to Bensonhurst is interrupted by the arriving Hitler. Frankie’s gushing over his hero gives Cassidy enough time to pick the lock on his cuffs and kill his guards. He realizes Cassidy’s move too late, taking a beating from him until he pulls down his pants, shoves his rifle in an unfortunate spot and leaves his bleeding body propped up in the hallway.

Cassidy’s escape hits a new high when he runs into a disguised Tulip in an elevator, but the moment is fleeting. Cassidy stands at the end of Lara’s gun as Tulip hides in the elevator. Cassidy is returned to his cell, keeping Tulip’s presence a secret, as Lara sets up an ambush nearby. Meanwhile, Tulip is tapped for a special assignment by Starr’s assistant. Emissaries from Heaven and Hell are there to discuss the apocalypse and Tulip is tasked to be one of their valets. There’s no better time for Tulip to meet Jesus Christ.

The Jesus & Tulip Chain

Jesus senses Tulip is in trouble, but Starr’s arrival puts that conversation on ice. Tulip tries to stay out of view, but Starr is convinced he recognizes her. Jesus intervenes, asking the Allfather about Humperdoo’s progress. Starr lies, knowing Jesus’ child is still missing. Tulip drops the act after Starr leaves. Busting Cassidy out amounts to a ton of trouble. Luckily, Jesus is willing to help, though it doesn’t work out so well. Turns out the child of God is easily deterred by a stern request and touch from Lara.

Cassidy is well on his way to escaping on his own though. He knows of Lara’s trap and ultimately rips himself from his restraints, nearly severing his hands in the process. He swiftly ascends the wall and kills Angel. A restored Angel materializes outside the cell and opens the door. The two fly away, sending Lara and her squad into a frenzy. Tulip and Jesus learn of their escape as they enter the dungeon. Their escape means that Tulip is free to do whatever she wants. And Jesus wants to tag along.

It’s no matter. That meeting with Hitler might be delayed after Starr’s foreskin ear falls off again.

Troubled Waters

Elsewhere, God and Starr’s plan to “carve a vagina on Jesse’s soul” gets underway when Jesse’s plane crashes into the ocean. He and his still-unnamed pilot survive, pulling themselves into a life raft. But the pilot loses confidence in their survival amid the storm. Jesse uses the voice to make the pilot be positive and the two keep the raft ride out the storm. But the pilot is in a bad way. His legs are damaged from the crash and the sun. His screams of pain lead Jesse to use the voice to keep the pilot, who finally tells us his name (It’s Steve), from feeling pain.

The two keep coasting along as Jesse fashions a sail. He keeps reminding Steve that their struggles are just a test from God. Don’t believe in God. Believe in Jesse. Steve believes, but that doesn’t keep him from unknowingly getting his hand bitten off by a shark. The sight, along with the sail blowing away, causes Jesse to lash out at God. Steve shouldn’t be punished for their triste. Jesse comforts Steve as he slowly dies, begging Jesse to use his power to help him. He uses the voice to command Steve to live, but it doesn’t work.

Jesse gives him a burial at sea, but God can’t leave it alone. Steve’s body is eaten by sharks as Jesse realizes how close he is to the Australian coast. The Saint of Killers learns of Jesse’s arrival on the island. Himself and Arseface take a shortcut through the center of the earth via bullet, popping out on the same beach on which Jesse landed.

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