Preacher season 4 episode 3 recap

Preacher Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

One step down the wrong path can ruin even the most powerful traveler. Even those with the power of a god. From the looks of things, Jesse’s road to God will grow to corrupt him the further he walks. Tulip and Cassidy’s turned the mirror on their deepest held fears, but the Preacher simply saw power. One that is all-powerful but doesn’t spare his surroundings as a result. Even he is under the influence of God’s plan to an extent.

All Too True

Cassidy has seemingly moved up in the world of Grail captivity. His foreskins are being farmed by the Grail to make face cream. Lovely. Rotting alone in his cell at Bensonhurst gives Cassidy a chance to reflect on his past. Turns out Frankie was right. Cassidy does believe he deserves to be tortured. He deserted his close friend during wartime and watched British soldiers kill him. He became a vampire while hiding from those same soldiers and believed it better to let his family think he was dead than return an abomination. The only piece of hope he has is a feather given to him by Angel before he is taken from the Masada.

Tulip’s attempts to find Cassidy hit a snag in the infirmary. She is physically fine but the doctor won’t release her until she undergoes a psychiatric evaluation. Tulip refuses and tries to fight her way out, but she’s forced to sift through the doc’s inkblots after a nurse sedates her. The test forces her to confront the abandonment issues and violent tendencies that haunt her. Lara uncovers Tulip’s plan but is too late, finding her bed empty. Tulip finds a similar scene when she bursts into Cassidy’s cell. He is already on his way to Bensonhurst.

God’s Plan

The Saint of Killers and Arseface continue their pursuit of Jesse, though all the walking is taking a toll on Arseface. He convinces his supernatural counterpart to stop off at a diner for a bite. The two bond somewhat over being sent to hell by Jesse, but they have different ideas of what to do once they find him. The Saint solves things with his pistol. Arseface simply wants a sincere apology. The Saint doesn’t see that in God’s plan. He makes that point even clearer when Arseface is mistakenly arrested in a gloryhole sex sting in the diner’s bathroom. The Saint puts a bullet in the cop driving Arseface away from miles away. Arseface reiterates his disdain for killing, but he’ll have to get used to it. According to The Saint, killing is God’s plan.

The Greatest Power

Jesse recalls the events at Jesus De Sade’s home while on the plane. He enters De Sade’s home to find a debaucherous masquerade ball unfolding within. Jesse quickly finds De Sade, demanding the kid and punching him in the nose. Some dust makes Jesse’s trip to the boy’s room more trippy, but he’s able to collect himself enough to beat the man taking photos of the kid. Jesse gets his boots back and convinces the kid to leave with him. But the partygoers gather outside the room, setting up a hallway fight. Jesse fights them off, leaving bodies, blood and bullets strewn throughout. Unfortunately, the kid is among the dead. An incensed Jesse beats De Sade to death before returning to the airport.

Before he can board his plane, Jesse runs into Hitler. The new ruler of hell asks Jesse to join him there, but Jesse isn’t into the idea. Hitler’s warnings that he will end up there sooner or later result in Jesse using the Voice to make Hitler kneel and strangle himself. Jesse has the greatest power. He will go to God. He will speak to God. No one lets him do anything. Jesse does what he wants because he can. The confidence doesn’t translate to planes, though. Jesse’s plane begins to fall out of the sky as a news report reveals that a manhunt for Jesse is underway following the massacre at De Sade’s. Maybe he should’ve paid attention to the man upstairs in the cow suit.

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