Netflix Lines Up the Cast For Warrior Nun

Over the last few years, Netflix has been quietly establishing itself as a home for comic adaptations. The results have been mixed, but Netflix’s next effort could be its most out-there attempt yet. Deadline brings word that the streaming service is developing a live-action adaptation of Warrior Nun, based on the Warrior Nun Areala comic by Ben Dunn. The producers have already begun casting the principal roles for the upcoming series.

Alba Baptista is headlining the show as Ava, a 19-year-old orphan who wakes up in a morgue with a mysterious artifact implanted in her back. She soon learns that she has been drafted into the Order of the Cruciform Sword, a military branch of the Catholic Church that battles demons living on Earth. Although Ava treasures her newfound freedom, she faces representatives from both Heaven and Hell who seek to control her.

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Joining Baptista on the show are Toya Turner as Shotgun Mary, a seasoned member of the Order; Tristan Ulloa as Father Vincent, the Order’s leader; Thekla Reuten as Jillian Salvius, a tech startup CEO who comes into conflict with the Church; Kristina Tonteri-Young as Young Sister Beatrice, the Order’s primary strategist; Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith, a “legacy Nun” who’s a little overconfident in her abilities; and Emilio Sakraya as JC, the ringleader of a band of petty criminals who steal from wealthy Europeans.

Warrior Nun comes from writer and executive producer Simon Barry. Barry previously created the Canadian series Continuum and Bad Blood as well as Syfy’s Ghost Wars. Additionally, he has served as a writer and executive producer on Syfy’s Van Helsing.

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