Netflix Releases the New Ultraman Animated Series Trailer

Next month, Netflix will introduce Ultraman to a new generation of viewers. Via io9, the streaming service has debuted the latest trailer for their CG-anime take on the iconic Japanese superhero. You can check it out for yourself below.

The anime is adapted from the Ultraman manga that began publishing in 2011, which was also a sequel to the classic 1966 TV show. This new Japanese-language series centers on Shinjiro Hayata, the teenage son of Shin Hayata. On the TV series, Shin was a member of the Scientific Special Search-Party and the original host of the Ultraman armor. When new alien adversaries threaten the planet, Shinjiro’s father convinces him to follow in his footsteps and adopt the mantle of his legendary alter-ego.

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The trailer also introduces us to a few members of the series’ supporting cast, including Dan Moroboshi and Seiji Hokuto. Both characters look like they’ll be wearing their own armored suits at various point during the show’s first season. Of course, there are plenty of actions shots spotlighting the diverse assortment of creatures that will face off against Shinjiro. Most notably, the character’s archenemy, Bemular, makes an appearance. The upbeat J-pop song in the background admittedly makes it a little cheesy, especially when contrasted with the fight sequences. Regardless, the anime looks like it could be a worthy follow-up for longtime fans of the original series.

Ultraman will premiere on Netflix on April 1. You can share your thoughts on the new trailer in the comment section below!