Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 3 Recap

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 3 recap

There is something rotten in the state of Markovia. All of the suspicions that tied Markovia to Bedlam’s meta-human trafficking ring turned out to be all too true. What’s worse, both Conner and Brion were captured by Bedlam’s head, Count Vertigo. The outcome of Brion’s meta activation remains to be seen, but Dick remains on the case. And he has Artemis, Black Lightning, and another mysterious meta backing him up. Young Justice: Outsiders episode 3 had plenty of answers and battles to dole out. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint.

Evil Anagrams

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 3 Recap

Dick makes his way into the Bedlam facility, discovering Connor imprisoned in a pod. He is surprised to find Helga present alongside Simon and Count Vertigo. The group prepares to evacuate the facility, but Vertigo takes the time to ridicule Simon and Helga for giving Brion the tar treatment. Helga reveals her intention to empower Brion to take down Bedlam and his Highness by activating his meta-gene. Vertigo attacks Helga, revealing his intention to deliver Markovia to his royal employer. Dick and Artemis believe the deal will lead to Markovia assisting Vertigo in an effort to overtake neighboring Vlatava, uniting both under the Light.

Vertigo leaves Helga’s fate in the hands of his Highness, believed to be Prince Gregor. That belief is quickly dashed when Frederick reveals himself to be Bedlam’s royal ally. Artemis and Jefferson are attacked suddenly by Plasmus, but they are saved by the mystery woman. Dick saves Helga and the two free Brion and Connor as the fight ensues around them. Helga and Dick destroy the remaining tar as Vertigo teleports his captive test subjects away via a boom tube. The heroes make their way out of the facility, regrouping outside.

The calm is short-lived. Frederick publicly reveals Brion as a meta-human, framing him for his sister’s abduction, parents’ murder and Bedlam’s meta trafficking operation. The act enrages Brion, who can now manipulate geologic forces. The prince makes his way to the palace to confront Frederick, with Connor not far behind.


Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 3 Recap

The rest of the squad is left to contend with Vertigo and his forces. Simon reveals himself to be a meta-human as well by forming multiple versions of himself. Artemis is able to net Vertigo during the ensuing fight, but Plasmus kills the mystery woman whom Artemis dubbed Halo-Girl. The sight of her burned corpse angers Black Lightning, allowing his powers to return. He faces off with Plasmus as Halo-Girl reanimates yet again, quickly regenerating from her injuries.

Plasmus’ pre-activation memories begin to return, revealing that he is the brother of the girl that became the now dead lava meta. The revelation causes him to attack Simon, allowing Dick to knock out the good doctor as Vertigo retreats. Jefferson seems pleased to have Plasmus, real name Otto, on their side. However, a farmer shoots the giant in the back, killing him. Halo-Girl tries unsuccessfully to revive Plasmus as Jefferson berates the farmer for killing a child.

Markovia’s Hero

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 3 Recap

Brion wastes no time taking the fight to Frederick upon his return to the palace. The shocked onlookers quickly learn Brion isn’t the only meta-human in the royal family when Frederick sheds his skin, revealing himself to be a meta as well. Connor tries to reason with Brion as Frederick outright lies to the public about his motivation to activate his meta-gene. Gregor sees through Frederick’s explanation and calls for his arrest. Brion and Connor are able to subdue Frederick, but Brion’s status as a meta-human doesn’t sit well with Markovian officials. Gregor is forced to banish his brother. Markovia’s heartbroken hero leaves his homeland with Conner. The two meet up with the rest of the team in the countryside as they plot their next move.

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