Young Justice: Phantoms Mid-Season Trailer Puts the Galaxy In Peril

The fourth season of Young Justice will resume in just a few months, but HBO Max isn’t wasting any time before dropping a preview. The Young Justice: Phantoms mid-season trailer has arrived, and the stakes are escalating. In the new footage, Rocket teams up with Orion and Bear of the New Gods alongside the refugee bug, Forager. And it looks like the conflict with Darkseid is looming as Metron orders the team to come with him to face a galactic threat.

Back on Earth, Gar is still on his self-destructive path and the people of Atlantis are openly rebelling against Aquaman and Mera. Additionally, Zatanna and the other mystic heroes may be searching for Superboy. In the mid-season finale, Zatanna sensed Connor’s presence. However, it’s unclear if Superboy really died on Mars or if the Legion of Super-Heroes were able to save him.

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While speaking with EW, executive producer Brandon Vietti shed some light on why this season’s name is “Phantoms.”

“Our show has often been about how events and actions from a character’s past can follow them. Actions have consequences in our series, they are like phantoms. This has been even more impactful in our fourth season, and will be made more clear in the second half.”

Young Justice: Phantoms will return this spring on HBO Max.

Are you looking forward to seeing the second half of season 4? Let us know in the comment section below!

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